Mike Williams

Asset Manager, PfH

Mike is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building, with over thirty years’ experience working in the Assets profession, for clients, contractors and DLO’s; of which around twenty five years covered Asset Management and fifteen years DLO’s. He has worked for large urban through to small rural RSL’s & LA’s, Contractors and at all levels up to Director. In addition he has held responsibility for tenant involvement, leaseholders and regeneration. Now with Procurement for Housing, Mike is working with Members to achieve maximum benefit from their procurement.

Tuesday 25th June, 13:00pm-13:30pm

Are you putting Tenants & Leaseholders at the heart of change?

We all know that customer engagement is at the heart of providing an excellent service, the Government are pushing for increased communication with tenants/leaseholders, but are we keeping up with how tenants and leaseholders want to be involved and communicated with? In this presentation Mike will discuss; how to get tenant/leaseholder involvement/feedback, how to increase tenant/leaseholder satisfaction, discuss the suggestion that tenants and leaseholders should be treated the same and provide examples of good practice and successes.