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For social landlords who need to improve spend performance and efficiency, our total procurement solution delivers cashable and non-cashable savings through category expertise, supply chain management and end to end contract support.

Here at PfH, we offer an end to end support solution for all of your procurement needs. Encompassing a diverse range of frameworks, consultancy, technology and energy services we provide a bespoke level of service for each of our Members based on their individual needs and expectations.

Home smart home

Gavin Bashar, UK & Ireland Managing Director, Tunstall Healthcare explores the untapped potential of Connected Care and Health technology in the housing sector.
20th August 2019/by Amy Dean

Digital access to vacant properties

Digital access to vacant properties by Guy Other, CEO at Orbis Protect
20th August 2019/by Amy Dean

Suppy Chain Management

In such a period of uncertainty, how does the housing sector keep their supply chain flourishing?
5th July 2019/by Amy Dean
Spend analysis

How data can take your spend management to the next level

Understanding spending behaviour can often be the first step in creating a procurement environment which is strategic in nature
4th July 2019/by Lucinda Wood

Reasons to visit PfH Live 2019

New people, new business and new ways of thinking! This event is the perfect opportunity for you to connect with key professionals and develop relationships with like-minded peers within the sector.
14th June 2019/by Amy Dean

Consumer regulation, asset management and dynamic purchasing systems

As tenants gain greater understanding and involvement, more detailed questions may emerge around the governance of their landlord’s asset management processes.
15th May 2019/by Abbie Green

P4 Explains Emergency Lighting Obligations

Emergency Lighting is of the utmost importance and a legal requirement in premises, excluding domestic premises, across the UK. In England and Wales the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, usually referred to as the Regulatory Reform Order (RRO), brings very significant fines for breaches of the order (with or without a fire) and offenders are actively prosecuted. It is therefore vital that businesses, organisations and individuals are aware of the regulations and the obligations they impose.
8th May 2019/by Amy Dean

5 Practical Ways To Manage the Risks of Home Visits

Everyday across Britain, thousands of frontline housing staff will enter tenant’s properties as part of the vital role they play in the community. However a number of these workers may find themselves in situations where their own safety could be at risk.
8th May 2019/by Amy Dean

2019: The year of the electric fleet?

Businesses have never been under more pressure to run cleaner, more cost-effective vehicles, but with rapid advances in technology and products, switching to electrification has never been easier.
20th February 2019/by Abbie Green

Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Liverpool University

The PfH & KTP partnership has helped PfH to automate the categorisation of purchases made by PfH members, drilling right down into their spend data.
22nd October 2018/by Abbie Green