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For social landlords who need to improve spend performance and efficiency, our total procurement solution delivers cashable and non-cashable savings through category expertise, supply chain management and end to end contract support.

Here at PfH, we offer an end to end support solution for all of your procurement needs. Encompassing a diverse range of frameworks, consultancy, technology and energy services we provide a bespoke level of service for each of our Members based on their individual needs and expectations.

Improving Collection Rates with Direct Debits

The use of Direct Debits to collect payments such as rent is rising. The reason for the increased popularity in the use of Direct Debits, particularly in the housing sector, is largely because they offer a convenient payment method for both Housing Associations and for tenants alike.
27th February 2020/by Abbie Green

Driving digital inclusion – Why WiFi in residential homes matters

Internet access has become a basic requirement much like heating or shelter. Within the wider context of global access to the Internet, the United Nations declared in 2016 that “online freedom is a “human right” and one that must be protected.
26th February 2020/by Abbie Green

Coronavirus Statement

Since the coronavirus outbreak, PfH have undergone a period of due diligence and have been actively engaging with our bank of strategic suppliers to gain greater understanding regarding the potential exposure to global supply chain risk.
21st February 2020/by Amy Dean

Facing up to the digital telecare switchover – Housing providers need to be acting now!

In 2017, BT announced that they will be switching off their long-serving analogue telephone network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) network by 2025, moving to a digital (IP) network ready for the future. But what does this mean for housing providers?
17th February 2020/by Abbie Green

Keeping Printed Data Secure

Any communication that needs to be sent by letter or email that contains personal information is subject to the GDPR. So how can Housing Associations continue to protect tenants’ data when communicating in this way?
9th January 2020/by Abbie Green

How to Protect Tenants’ Data

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) is a global authority that develops, improves and promotes understanding of the standards for payment security.   If you are a merchant that accepts or processes payment cards, then the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to you.
27th November 2019/by Abbie Green

Using technology to lighten the load

There are very few walks of life that have not been radically changed forever by the rapid pace of technological change over the last 20 years. Retail has changed forever. The way we access goods, services, products and travel have all been transformed.
18th November 2019/by Amy Dean

Driving recruitment success through strategic procurement

I believe that there are many similarities between HR and procurement. Whilst HR manage and procure people within an organisation, procurement deal with the multifaceted layers of people involved in the supply chain, amongst these layers should be a procured compliant route to market to enable successful recruitment to take place within an organisation.
29th October 2019/by Amy Dean

Compliance and Mobile Security

The traditional office space is transforming. 40% of the UK’s workforce are using mobile phones for business, making it the most used work device after the desktop computer. By combining essential organisational and communications functions with an ever widening array of business based apps and workspaces, the smart phone is now an essential tool in the business arsenal that organisations cannot overlook.
15th October 2019/by Amy Dean