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Supplier performance process

PfH undertakes an extensive supplier performance process. Nominated suppliers are measured and evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Percentage change in turnover          (30 Marks available)  

  • Number of trading Members              (20 Marks available)

  • Market Share                                  (10 Marks available)

  • Number of complaints received         (20 Marks available)

  • Number of invoices in dispute           (10 Marks available)

  • Value of invoices in dispute              (10 Marks available)


These criteria indicate where good customer service has been delivered to Members and the satisfactory performance of the  PfH supplier.

All of these elements are collated and measured on a monthly basis, with an average “quarterly” score being discussed with suppliers at regular quarterly review meetings by their relevant contact within PfH.

In the coming months, data will be collected and made available for Members upon request.  This will highlight to PfH Members suppliers’ performance, and the contract management being conducted on their behalf. 

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