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Our advisory group

The advisory group is responsible for advising Inprova Group and HouseMark on whether the management of the Consortium meets the needs of the social housing sector.  The core values of the group consist of: 

• Helping to maintain PfH's position as the best procurement consortium within the sector;

• Informing PfH of key sector attributes to enable PfH to provide services that meet the needs of the sector;

• To promote the spirit of collaborative procurement to best meet the needs of the housing sector;

• To act as enablers on behalf of PfH in promoting effective procurement throughout the sector;

• To enable PfH to support both directly and indirectly the relationship between HouseMark, CIH and the National Housing Federation;

• To contribute to improving the housing sector and the communities it supports.


The group will consist where possible of the following:

• Chair from a membership organisation;

• A senior manager from each of HouseMark, the National Housing Federation and the Chartered Institute of Housing;

• Between 8 – 10 members of the sector.  It is considered that the Members’ expertise and experience is of greater importance than the organisations they are from although a balance of organisational types is desired.

• Managing Director, Inprova Group and Chief Executive, Inprova Group.

Membership will be based on a three year term with Members then being nominated to the existing group for re-election if they choose. 

Members will be dismissed from the group if they miss three meetings consecutively in any twelve month period.  Exceptional circumstances will be considered by the Chair.

It is the Member that is important to the group due to their skills and experience and, as such, substitution at meetings is not required.


steve coffey





Advisory Group Chair, Steve Coffey, Chief Executive, Liverpool Mutual Homes





• Chair, Steve Coffey, Chief Executive, Liverpool Mutual Homes

• Martin Cawthorn, Assistant Director of Procurement & Property, East Thames Group

• Elaine Walder, Director of Business Services, National Housing Federation

• Ross Fraser, Chief Executive, HouseMark

• Mark Jenkinson, Group Procurement Manager, Gentoo Group

• Ian Atkinson, Director of Property Services, Monmouthshire Housing Association

• Steve Everitt, Group Procurement Manager, Symphony Housing Group

• Paul Jameson, Procurement Director, Genesis Housing Association 

• Vinny Roche, Director of Commercial Services, First Choice Homes Oldham

• Kirsty Bower, Head of Procurement, Affinity Sutton 

• Paul Lees, Chief Executive, Adactus Housing

• Adrian Green, Procurement and Asset Policy Manager, Paradigm Housing

• Paul Kennedy, CEO, Inprova Group

• Steve Malone, Managing Director, Inprova Group

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