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The local deal that will change the way organisations spend and help you to drive savings.

Buy4London is a great opportunity for London based social housing providers to purchase on a competitive contract that offers a broad scope and greater flexibility for the supply of boilers and central heating products. The deal has been revised with our Members in mind.


Buy4London was initially created in March 2006 with the aim to explore joint procurement opportunities between the Register of Social Landlord’s (RSL) Member bases. Since then the buy4London framework has seen the sale of around 19,847 boilers.

Buy4London Now

The framework has now been reviewed in line with Member feedback and has led to a complete change of the model.  The contract is now based upon a two year agreement with provision for extension of up to a further one year.

In order to achieve competitive pricing and full transparency, PfH is utilising a cost to serve model which enables PfH to achieve the most cost effective pricing with the manufacturers.

Three merchants and ten manufacturers have been awarded onto the deal.

Merchants (in ranking order):

Merchants List

Manufacturers (in ranking order): 

Manufacturers List


You can get detailed information about this deal by downloading our associated documents below or contacting us on 01925 282 398.

Download associated documents

PfH Members: You can access all documents instantly by entering your work-based email address.

Non-Members: Your details will be verified and you will receive documents within 2 working days. Please note that you will need to become a Member before utilising PfH services.

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