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Start saving

If you are a PfH Member and want to start using a framework agreement or one of our strategic procurement services, please contact your account manager or the PfH team on 01925 282 398.

Download an award report

Detailed award reports are available for each framework agreement and can be downloaded from the related framework website page. The reports provide contact details for each awarded supplier.

Choose a ranked one supplier or mini competition

Once you've decided to use a framework agreement, you can either select the supplier that has been ranked number one following our EU compliant tender process or you can select a mini competition to find the PfH nominated supplier that best matches your needs.

Please note:

Please remember that whenever you contact a supplier directly, you will need to state that you want to use the 'PfH Agreement'. This will ensure that you are EU compliant and that you benefit from our exclusive terms.

Are you looking to change supplier?

If you want to change PfH supplier or use more than one supplier in a particular agreement area you can do this at any time as long as you meet the terms of any existing contract you have with your existing supplier.

If you want to use any of our services or need advice about how to get the most from our agreements, please call PfH on 01925 282 398.

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