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How it works

At PfH we take a 3 step approach that ensures that you identify, realise and maintain savings and effectively manage your costs. By adopting the 3 steps, you can establish total visibility of your costs, eliminate unmanaged and non-compliant spend, rationalise your supplychain and your management processes, and eliminate price creep.

Step 1: Establish the intelligence to identify your cost reduction opportunities
We work with you to establish a clear picture and build the intelligence to identify where costs can be reduced. By reviewing your procurement strategy and conducting a spend analysis, we can help you identify unmanaged spend, ineffective processes and areas for rationalisation.

Step 2: Realise your savings with effective sourcing, tendering and frameworks   
In addition to gaining simple access to our established frameworks, you can draw upon the experience of our category team to manage the most effective and competitive procurement processes on your behalf. We can deliver bespoke tenders and partner with you to deliver critical procurement projects.

Step 3: Maintain your efficiencies and eliminate price creep
According to our research, while many social landlords establish savings through effective tendering, the savings are often not maintained because of ineffective contract management. PfH offers a range of services that help you to maintain the savings you establish. We can provide professional contract and supplier management to eliminate the risk of price creep and benchmarking and reporting to measure your performance.    

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