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Contract management

PfH constantly monitors supplier performance through Customer Satisfaction Surveys, a Customer Complaints Procedure and regular supplier evaluation meetings.

We manage procurement contracts on behalf of Members. All contracts benefit from the most rigorous and professional management programme which contributes to improved performance, mitigated risk, and ensures fiscal accountability for Members.

We adopts the following practices to ensure that Members get the greatest value from each framework agreement.

Contract Management Programme

  1. Create a compelling business case with both benefit and crisis

  2. Ensure proper executive and stakeholder support for both contract management initiative and automation investment

  3. Define detailed functional requirements for a contract management solution and stick to them

  4. Dedicate and empower a contract management programme champion

  5. Establish a product group to ensure support from PfH and engaged Members

  6. Clearly define and communicate procedures and protocols for the complete contracting and contract administration

  7. Where possible, use templates to streamline contracting cycles, minimise risk, and maximize compliance

  8. Measure contract performance and feedback results to PfH Members

  9. Identify areas for continuous improvement

  10. Continually engage with PfH Members to ensure contract relevance

This process ensures that PfH consistently delivers effective and relevant contracts to its Members.

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