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Materials & Associated Managed Services

A framework dedicated to helping asset managers deliver their strategic objectives with access to a wide range of products and services that are flexible, giving Members the best in terms of quality, pricing and capacity so that they can effectively serve their tenants.

Built in partnership with the PfH Materials product group (comprising of PfH Members), the Materials and Associated Managed Services framework has been designed by Members for Members to ensure more choice and value for money enabling them to deliver the best services to their tenants. We have worked hard to ensure that Members receive a greater service through the framework and have introduced a number of services, including:

  • Value for money statements
  • Stronger cost control
  • Spend analysis reporting
  • Call-off contracts that safeguard both Members and suppliers

The contract has been awarded through ten lots:

  • Lot 1 – Plumbing & Heating
  • Lot 2 – Gas Spares
  • Lot 3 – Renewables
  • Lot 4 – Building Materials
  • Lot 5 – Tiles
  • Lot 6 – Electrical Materials
  • Lot 7 – Aids & Adaptations
  • Lot 8 – Stair Lifts
  • Lot 9 – Tool & Plant Hire
  • Lot 10 – Managed Services

Why use this framework?

Wide choice of merchants and availability
Access to seventeen national merchants and suppliers providing extremely competitive pricing across thousands of products for Members.  With extensive housing sector knowledge and experience from a range of industry leaders, merchants on the framework can provide great insight into best practice for asset management.

Control over cost drift
PfH will guide you through contract set up to ensure you get the most competitive pricing from our suppliers based on your specific needs. PfH will continue these essential negotiations on your behalf throughout the life of the contract, including justifications and evidence for price increases and pricing consistency, so that we can provide Members with recommendations to drive savings in the long term.

Choice of pricing models including cost to serve
PfH has introduced the option of a ‘cost to serve’ model for Members trading on this framework where PfH can act on behalf of the Member to obtain percentage margins from suppliers to be applied to the pricing structure for your services. This allows PfH more control of the margins that merchants use to guarantee extremely competitive and transparent pricing.

Compare products and services through benchmarking
PfH can undertake benchmarks against top spend items to give Members a clear view of achievable savings through the competitively priced suppliers on the framework. Previously, PfH has demonstrated significant savings through our benchmarking services and with the new framework and the price models negotiated, we are confident that we will continue to drive savings for Members. 

Tailored contracts that you can measure
PfH can work with you to create a bespoke contract specific to your requirements taking away the implications of limited resource and the cost of running your own tender. The tailored contract may include modified core lists and a suite of key performance indicators based on your needs, to give you a service that truly delivers. 

Competitive pricing achieved through the support of manufacturers
PfH has developed strong relationships with a variety of manufacturers which means that they support the pricing models through the supply chain to make the pricing very competitive. The manufacturers also provide more transparency on the costs so that merchants are passing all the extra support to Members which includes technical knowledge on products and details about innovations in the market that may create savings for Members.

Add further value through spend analysis
Not only will value for money be achieved through the core list of tendered products, but PfH can work with individual Members to provide recommendations on where they could make additional savings.  This can be done using spend analysis reports in which we can review merchant options to consolidate volumes to individual manufacturers and find more cost effective offerings focusing on the base or life time costs of products. 

Suppliers (in ranked order per lot)

Lot 1 – Plumbing & Heating
Wolseley UK Ltd
Grafton Merchanting GB Ltd
Plumbing Trade Supplies Ltd
Jewson Ltd
National Merchant Buying Society

Lot 2 – Gas Spares
Powred Heating Components
Wolseley UK Ltd
Grafton Merchanting GB Ltd
Jewson Ltd
Plumbing Trade Supplies Ltd

Lot 3 – Renewables
Grafton Merchanting GB Ltd
Wolseley UK Ltd
Edmundson Electrical
Rexel UK Ltd
Plumbing Trade Supplies Ltd

Lot 4 – Building Materials
Grafton Merchanting GB Ltd
Jewson Ltd
National Merchant Buying Society

Lot 5 – Tiles
Ceramic Tile Distributors 


Lot 6 – Electrical
Grafton Merchanting GB Ltd
YESSS Electrical (A) Ltd
Rexel UK Ltd
City Electrical Factors
Edmundson Electrical
National Merchant Buying Society

Lot 7 – Aids & Adaptations
Contour Showers
Impey Showers

Lot 8 – Stair lifts
Stannah Stairlifts
Prism Medical UK

Lot 9 – Tool & Plant Hire
Grafton Merchanting GB Ltd
Jewson Ltd
National Merchant Buying Society

Lot 10  Managed Services
Grafton Merchanting GB Ltd
Wolseley UK Ltd
Jewson Ltd
National Merchant Buying Society

Contract period

1st April 2015 – 31st March 2018


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