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Electronic Payment Services

This new offering replaces the previous Bill Payment Services agreement.

Simple, cost efficient bill payment services

With new diverse payment solutions being introduced and as more residents self-manage their financial commitments, PfH has launched a new electronic payments services framework to accommodate for the ever-evolving payments market.

There is now a choice of payment methods via either 39,000 locations or online, plus the option to install payment points in your own offices. Cash, debit or credit cards are no problem, or if preferred specially designed and secure payment cards can be issued. There are even options for smartphone apps and automated telepayments.

So, if you have residents who can struggle to manage their budgets, have physical difficulty accessing payment points or are just looking to increase your options, this framework provides a truly flexible solution.

Any payments can be managed via the providers, including rent, council tax, penalty charges and managing arrears. Payment methods include:

  • Cash
  • Credit/debit card via online, automated phone, virtual terminal, text and smartphone app
  • PayPoint and Post Office payments via swipe cards and barcodes available in over 39,000 outlets across the UK
  • Fully managed, online direct debit service offering a full range of collection dates and frequencies.



  • Flexible and convenient payment methods available to residents and improved transaction costs for PfH Members
  • Approved suppliers offering fixed transaction pricing
  • No requirement for further competition as the framework is a sole supply to one supplier per lot, thus a direct call-off is permitted as a compliant procurement option.
  • PfH Members can gain access to innovative, digital and ‘up-to-date’ payment methods

PfH has contracted the two leading national providers to give our Members the choice of either a full or partly outsourced solution. 

PfH has contracted the two leading national providers to give our Members the choice of either a full or partly outsourced solution.

Lot structure and providers

Lot 1 Multiple Network Managed Service - allpay

PfH has appointed allpay to provide a variety of payment solutions, all fully managed. allpay use the PayPoint network which has 28,000 outlets located in high street and retail outlets, but also manages 11,800 Post Office branches.

allpay delivers bill payment solutions to more than 750 clients and accommodate for 55 million transactions per annum.

Lot 2 Single Network Managed Service - PayPoint 

PfH has also appointed PayPoint giving Members the opportunity to work with them directly on an exclusive basis.  A full range of payment methods are available; cash in-store at over 28,000 local stores, branded app, online, text and phone. A ‘cash-out’ service providing members the ability to generate and issue their own vouchers redeemable for cash or energy also forms part of PayPoint’s multi-channel solution.

Over 99% of UK households are situated within one mile of a PayPoint store.

PayPoint handles over £14 billion from 812 million transactions annually for more than 5,500 clients and merchants.

Your account manager and the procurement team are available to explore the options and ensure the right provider is selected for your needs. 


 2 years (+1, +1) framework agreement – awarded 1st September 2015 - 31st August 2019


For more information about this framework you can call your dedicated PfH account manager or the procurement team directly on 01925 282 398.



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PfH Members: You can access all documents instantly by entering your work-based email address.

Non-Members: Your details will be verified and you will receive documents within 2 working days. Please note that you will need to become a Member before utilising PfH services.

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